Tom Petty - The Box (The Broadcast Recordings) - 6 CD Box Set

Tom Petty - The Box (The Broadcast Recordings) - 6 CD Box Set

Tom Petty - The Box (The Broadcast Recordings) - 6 CD Box Set


Musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer Tom Petty passed away on October 2, 2017. Petty served as the lead singer of Tom petty & The Heartbreakers. He recorded a number of hit singles with the Heartbreakers and as a solo artist. In his career, he sold more than 60 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artist of all time. This limited 6 (!) compact disc box-set pays tribute to Tom Petty with radio broadcast recordings from the 80s to 2000s.

  1. Disc 1

    1  Petty, Tom - Intro2  Petty, Tom - Shake A Hand (Joe Morris)3  Petty, Tom - All Along The Watchtower4  Petty, Tom - Clean Cut Kid5  Petty, Tom - I'll Remember You6  Petty, Tom - Trust Yourself7  Petty, Tom - We Had It All8  Petty, Tom - Masters Of War9  Petty, Tom - Straight Into Darkness10Petty, Tom - Think About Me11Petty, Tom - The Waiting12Petty, Tom - Breakdown13Petty, Tom - To Ramona14Petty, Tom - One Too Many Mornings15Petty, Tom - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall16Petty, Tom - I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know17Petty, Tom - Band Of The Hand18Petty, Tom - When The Night Comes

    Disc 2

    1  Petty, Tom - American Girl2  Petty, Tom - Listen To Her Heart3  Petty, Tom - A Thing About You4  Petty, Tom - Straight Into Darkness5  Petty, Tom - I Need To Know6  Petty, Tom - Don't Do Me Like That7  Petty, Tom - I'm In Love8  Petty, Tom - Change of Heart9  Petty, Tom - You Got Lucky10Petty, Tom - Louie Louie11Petty, Tom - A Woman In Love12Petty, Tom - Kings Road13Petty, Tom - Breakdown14Petty, Tom - Refugee15Petty, Tom - Shout16Petty, Tom - So you Want To Be a Rock 'n Roll Star

    Disc 3

    1  Petty, Tom - Baby Please Don't Go2  Petty, Tom - You Don't Know How It Feels3  Petty, Tom - Love Is A Long Road4  Petty, Tom - Crawling' Back To You5  Petty, Tom - Down Home Girl6  Petty, Tom - Handle With Care7  Petty, Tom - Black Leather Woman8  Petty, Tom - Little Red Rooster9  Petty, Tom - A Woman In Love (It's Not Me)10Petty, Tom - Done Somebody Wrong11Petty, Tom - I Won't Back Down12Petty, Tom - Not Fade Away13Petty, Tom - I'm Crying14Petty, Tom - I Got A Woman15Petty, Tom - Thirteen Days16Petty, Tom - Walls17Petty, Tom - Angel Dream

    Disc 4

    1  Petty, Tom - Learning To Fly2  Petty, Tom - Melinda3  Petty, Tom - Band Introductions4  Petty, Tom - Wake Up Time5  Petty, Tom - Peggy Sue6  Petty, Tom - Yer So Bad7  Petty, Tom - Lost Children8  Petty, Tom - Two Men Talkin'9  Petty, Tom - Refugee10Petty, Tom - Carol11Petty, Tom - I'm Moving' On12Petty, Tom - You Wreck Me13Petty, Tom - I'd Like To Love You Baby14Petty, Tom - Mary Jane's Last Dance

    Disc 5

    1  Petty, Tom - Around and Around (Chuck Berry cover)2  Petty, Tom - Jammin' Me3  Petty, Tom - Runnin' Down A Dream4  Petty, Tom - Breakdown5  Petty, Tom - Call Me the Breeze6  Petty, Tom - Swingin'7  Petty, Tom - Don't Do Me Like That8  Petty, Tom - Diamond Head9  Petty, Tom - Mary Jane's Last Dance10Petty, Tom - I Won't Back Down11Petty, Tom - Listen To Her Heart12Petty, Tom - Jam13Petty, Tom - You Don't Know How It Feels14Petty, Tom - It's Good To Be King15Petty, Tom - Lucille

    Disc 6

    1  Petty, Tom - Heart of Stone (Rolling Stones)2  Petty, Tom - Little Maggie (Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder)3  Petty, Tom - Walls4  Petty, Tom - Angel Dream5  Petty, Tom - For What It's Worth6  Petty, Tom - Room At the Top7  Petty, Tom - Guitar Boogie Shuffle8  Petty, Tom - Even the Losers9  Petty, Tom - Honey Bee10Petty, Tom - County Farm (Baby, Please Don't Go)11Petty, Tom - You Wreck Me12Petty, Tom - Free Girl Now13Petty, Tom - Free Fallin'14Petty, Tom - I Don't Wanna Fight

Tom Petty - The Box (The Broadcast Recordings) - 6 CD Box Set


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